Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Evil and Very Bad Melodrama

Mira has always been a ham in front of the camera and earlier this month she was able to show off her talent. Our stake did a little melodrama. It was so funny and Mira did so GREAT! All my friends have told me I should get Mira into acting but I never wanted to accept it. My little girl was not going to be an actress! (No offense to any actresses!) But after this play I came to the realization that she has a talent for it.

She LOVED getting ALL that make-up put on. It seemed like too much (I know I sound lame!).

She was a little pioneer girl and these were her sisters. The older one was the main girl in the play, Sally Sweetlips! They all had funny names.

This was a scene with her younger sister and Granny Sweetlips!

She really enjoyed getting into her character!

The finale! She was glowing! I think she had a crush on the villain Ebenezer Evil! She said Timothy Truehart (the hero) was too old!

She really enjoyed their individual applause!

They are doing another play in the fall and she is already preparing. She cracks me up!

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Brenda said...

I just can't believe what a little woman she has turned into. I miss you guys. :(