Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birhthday Anthony!!!

Anthony is 9 now!!! I cant believe it!! He is the sweetest and caring child. He was my hardest baby but totally made up for it. He starts 3rd grade in a couple weeks and he can't wait, he loves school! I love this kid so much!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Carter's Haircut

Our little Cater has grown up!! We finally decided that he needed a "Big Boy haircut"! I am still not used to it but he loves it. He is our little cutie and I loved his hair but I will get over it.



To me he looks totally diffferent. This is our new big boy Carter!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We went to Silverwood Theme park yesturday and had the park basically to ourselves! We walked on every ride and did all the rides at least twice (in 5 hours too!) We love going and cant wait for next years trip. Here are some fun pictures taken:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Evil and Very Bad Melodrama

Mira has always been a ham in front of the camera and earlier this month she was able to show off her talent. Our stake did a little melodrama. It was so funny and Mira did so GREAT! All my friends have told me I should get Mira into acting but I never wanted to accept it. My little girl was not going to be an actress! (No offense to any actresses!) But after this play I came to the realization that she has a talent for it.

She LOVED getting ALL that make-up put on. It seemed like too much (I know I sound lame!).

She was a little pioneer girl and these were her sisters. The older one was the main girl in the play, Sally Sweetlips! They all had funny names.

This was a scene with her younger sister and Granny Sweetlips!

She really enjoyed getting into her character!

The finale! She was glowing! I think she had a crush on the villain Ebenezer Evil! She said Timothy Truehart (the hero) was too old!

She really enjoyed their individual applause!

They are doing another play in the fall and she is already preparing. She cracks me up!

Back to Normal?

I think we are all back to normal (what ever that is)!

We had a scare on April 24, Anthony our 8 year old came into me room around 4:00 a.m. and could barely tell me he couldn't breathe. Half awake I tried to find his inhaler and by the time I found it he had practically stopped breathing. Not just his lips were blue but the area around his whole mouth had turned blue. Luckily I got him to take short little breathes in while I pushed his inhaler. it helped a little but not good enough so I rushed into the emergency room and they admitted him in. We spent the weekend there and finally were able to get his oxygen levels stable enough to go home. Todd had been gone for the month so it was hard to have one kid in the hospital and three going from house to house. I have really great friends!

These were taken the day we were leaving the hospital. They have done tests on Anthony and think he had some kind of virus that hit him really hard. We just have to make sure we have his inhaler with us now and watch him if he gets sick at all.

As Anthony and I were at the hospital Caiden was at a friends house and got stung by something on his eyelid and couldn't open his eye for 2 days.

Todd finally came home, he didn't like being gone while all of this was going on. He always worries about us when he his out of town and this was to much. Boy was I glad he came home! The job was nice but I needed him back!
Then last week I had to have a cyst removed and that was so painful.
All is well now and I hope it stays that way for a long time. We had so many people praying for us and I couldn't have done it with out or friends and family!
On to better days!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Watch out for the "LASER"!!!!!

So this happened awhile ago but I thought I better blog it before I forgot about it.

One Saturday evening as we were getting everything ready for Sunday, I told Anthony (7 at the time) and Caiden (4), to get in the shower. I reminded them not to touch my razors that were on the shower caddy. So I heard them start the shower and within like 3 minutes they were running out and said "Ok we made it and are done!!". I thought what are they talking about? I asked them what was wrong and why they were rushing. Anthony said " We didn't want the LASER to get us!!" I said "what laser?" Anthony said "the one you told us to watch out for ." I had them show me what they were talking about and this is what they thought was a laser:

They thought I said laser instead of razor. So they were trying to hurry so that the laser wouldn't get them. Sad but kind of funny too!

Oh and I did explain that it wasn't a laser anyways, that it helped keep the shower clean. Ever since they still won't take showers in my bathroom! I LOVE MY BOYS!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Is Almost Here!!!!

The warm weather is finally here, giving us a glimpse of what is coming. I am totally loving the warm weather and the things we can do! We have been able to go swimming recently and didn't freeze! My kids are like fish, trying to get them out of the pool once they are in is impossible! They are counting down the days until they start swimming lessons and then we will be at the pool EVERYDAY! I am not sure if I am ready.

We also went to feed the ducks at the duck pond. I thought Carter was going to be scared of the ducks all over but the ducks were more afraid of him. He feed them right out of his hand and everything. Caiden was always right by the water, I thought he was definitely going to fall in! Mira and Anthony loved watching the baby ducks and how cute they were.

I am so excited for school to be out (8 more days), so we can do even more fun things and visit family!